Expert associaion IMA-MEDIA & IMAGRI /Brussels, Belgium/


Primary activity IMA-MEDIA EXPERTS:

  • public and government affairs, Social projects,
  • community relations
  • business-to-business marketing
  • PR services & consulting,
  • Media relations & mass-media monitoring,
  • analyst services,
  • exhibitions & event management, Brand-management

    Establish contacts and generate business arrangements for Russian companies in Europe

    Provide European companies to Russian market - press conferences, press- visits, Press- lunches, dinners or roundtables, press monitorings.

    RE-BRANDING for EUROPE - Intelligent branding can transform your Business.

    Before you start speaking about your products in public domain in Europe, you'll first need to know what to say. And in order to know what to say, you first need to know who you are.

    WE will help you to create a clear and innovative brand strategy for Europe.

    Primary activity IMAGRI EXPERTS:

    Migration and Gender Research Institute (IMAGRI), & the think- tank and analytical platform EUROPEAN PLATFORM FOR ADVANCED WOMEN (EPAW). The institute collects data on this group of long-term migrants and new EU citizens and monitor the developments relevant to this group of EU population, facilitate the dialogue with other stakeholders and develop policy recommendations. Our work is conducted in close contact with a number of Universities (including universities in Britain, France, Belgium, and other countries), we participate and organize conferences and workshops.

    Several years ago we launched a program of activities aimed at creating new jobs by encouraging female migrants to work in and create new SME in a number of EU countries. We are currently finalizing the results of the two-year pilot program which has helped a number of women to restart their careers through volunteering and establishing new SME.

    Areas of expertise of IMAGRI-EPAW experts

  • Post-Soviet and Eurasian migration to EU countries situation, needs, tendencies and prospects
  • Gendered international migration to the EU (settlement and naturalization tendencies, organizations, problems, impact on children)
  • Highly skilled migration and the issue of deskilling of female migrants
  • Female ethnic entrepreneurship
  • Political activism in the diaspora(s) In-group and intergroup conflicts. Cross-cultural issues and identity search.
  • Cultural barriers in business
  • Volunteering for careers



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