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The IMA-Media business communications agency and the NOVECON economy and business news agency, launched a new information project in Russia in March 2003. The project is of particular interest to Russian companies that

  • run joint projects outside Russia
  • run projects with Western investors
  • enter the Western market or plan to launch projects involving Western capital.

    PR-RUSSIA PRODUCT is represented by press releases of Russian companies that are coming into the international image news scene to further their development.

    This information product is made on order from REUTERS and FACTIVA.

    PR-RUSSIA is exclusively geared towards world business news sources.

    IMA-Media and NOVECON are jointly making the product, meeting all international requirements for the delivery of news to the REUTERS system, which acts as the customer. Presently, the IMA-Media and NOVECON alliance is the EXCLUSIVE supplier of that particular information from Russia to world news systems.

    NOVECON and IMA-Media assume obligations to collect, translate and adjust companies' information to special coding for relevant international formats and are directly responsible for passing information to the world information sources.


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